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Practice and all is coming!

Posted by Julie Andres on Sunday, August 5, 2012, In : yoga 

Two weeks ago in Victoria, BC, Ashtanga yoga master David Swenson lead a Primary Series class for a gym packed full of yoga practitioners - he called it "All Aboard the Ashtanga Train" and it's a good analogy.

The first Ashtanga class that I went to was indeed like latching onto a train, as the power of vinyasa produced more and more heat and intensity; it instantly pulled me away from my ordinary yoga reality to embark upon an exciting journey into the unknown. The sound of a dozen people in ...
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तपस् Tapas

Posted by Julie Andres on Monday, June 27, 2011, In : niyamas 
The third niyama - tapas - is usually translated from Sanskrit to English as 'austerity'. Austerity is one of those words that comes with connotations of severity and withdrawal - along the lines of the yama, bramacharya, commonly translated as 'celibacy' (see previous post).
In the vernacular: quit, give up, diet, unplug.
Even the word 'practice' can make us twinge at the thought of hardship. I have endeavored to explore this reaction - the hankering that erupts when one supposes that full ind...
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नियम The Niyamas

Posted by Julie Andres on Tuesday, March 15, 2011, In : niyamas 
The yamas are universal tenets, the first of yoga's eight limbs. When practiced mindfully, they weave a moral fabric that forms a base from which we live. These encompass principles that most of us learn right from the beginning - don't lie, cheat, steal, hurt ... but it goes much deeper than that.
My previous postings have focused on the yamas, exploring them in a brief manner. Volumes could be written about each one (and have been); my intention is to ignite a spirit of inquiry in myself, an...
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