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सत्य Satya

Posted by Julie Andres on Sunday, December 5, 2010 Under: satya
Satya, truth.
The next Yama to consider, to bring into my consciousness as I begin my day, my practice, my interactions with myself and others.
How hard will that be? I think of myself as honest, aware, full of good intentions. Open to admitting when I'm wrong.
But as I consider these things I know that there are many layers, many shadowy areas deep beneath (and maybe not so far beneath) that are kept veiled – out of habit, out of fear, or merely for convenience.
Even so, truth has a way of making itself known.
One of my most profound experiences with the subject of truth took place in a forest in Washington about 16 or 17 years ago. I was running on a trail and had ducked out of a sudden cloudburst next to the dry, protective trunk of a Western red cedar. There was something magical and gratifying in that moment, and I wondered about the peace I felt, almost placing a question to the tree itself. An answer came to me very clearly: I was in the presence of a being that was living fully in its truth. I, and humanity in general, on the other hand, are not living in our true selves.
I looked around from that spot and felt the whole forest itself as truth. Big black beetles ran across the path with such purpose, wrens sang their intended songs over and over, rain nourished the earth and enlivened the air, and I felt such gratitude to be there witnessing it. Witnessing truth.
It can be as subtle as raindrop or hemlock needle falling softly to the ground.
But then again, it can blast you out of your comfortable seat like a thunderbolt.
Back to my practice – my sadhana and consciousness as I carry out the mundane tasks of my life. There's a lot to be done – a lot of untruth to be chipped at and peeled away.

Om shanti

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