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Aligning thought comes first

Posted by Julie Andres on Thursday, October 21, 2010 Under: yoga
Yoga teacher training is moving right along. We have begun to design classes, to tutor each other one-on-one, and to practice, practice, practice. There's so much to learn.
Classes in the community have taken on a new meaning. I'm examining each asana in many new ways. What has been consideration primarily from the inside has now come to include consideration from the outside. How might I communicate the subtleties of alignment and mental awareness for this position? And how would I put together a combination of asanas that would not only build strength on multiple levels, but add a sense of motivation to a student's practice?
But it's still an inside job. As I build on my sadhana I am aware of resistance in its many forms. I'm also aware of how the practice has come to feel vital to my day. The sun salutations are an exchange with the essential. Pranayama is like washing my face or having a glass of water. Simple, clean, and nourishing.
Each morning when I wake up I feel a purpose that is fueled by yoga. I have an instant charge of energy in realizing my intention for the day - for six weeks it has been the same: ahimsaa - the practice of non-harm. I have so far to go with that - with my thoughts, speech and actions - I wonder if I will ever be in a place where I can move on to another intention.
The shifting is taking place not only in my mind. My hip joints are changing, too. (At least they seem to be ... .)

Om shanti

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