In Auroville, India, February 2018

One bright morning it dawned on me - years of yoga had given me a stronger sense of my innate gifts and deep inner values than anything ever had before. I knew in that moment that I must also teach yoga.

Over the past decade I have focused intensively on a variety of studies with diverse and masterful teachers in Canada, the US, and India. The turns my practice has taken have been the result of giving myself permission to explore widely and allow curiosity and embodied knowing to shape my work.

Along with the physical postures and sequences, meditation, breath practices, and relaxation are the foundations of my teaching. In addition to widely known Indian lineages such as Sivananda and Krishnamacharya, I draw on Buddhist, Tantric, and other Eastern philosophies and techniques, as well as dance, play, depth psychology, and modern science.

I teach studio classes, workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and have a private yoga therapy practice. Read more...

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